Times are tough, and as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to force many of us into lockdown, life as we knew it seems to be on hold. However, it’s always worth remembering that sometimes, planning for the best things in life is half the fun – and with the hand-decorated Pot of Dreams, you can save up in style!

Make a goal

Setting goals is ideal for days when you feel down, so brainstorm some things you can save up for this winter. Lockdowns and quarantines won’t last forever, but they can take a significant toll on your mental health.

By listing out your objectives, not only do you have something real (and within your control) to focus on, but this goal-setting also means that you’ll stand a much better chance of achieving the targets you set.

Think in baby steps

First, start with the big ‘end goal’, and then break it down into smaller savings steps which you can focus on. Decide how much money you will give to your goal ever week or month, and choose a method of saving where you can really see the difference. For larger goals, this might mean paying into a savings bank account, but there are lots of reasons why saving into a piggy bank is a great alternative.

Not only will you be able to physically see your funds rising, but you’ll also be able to access the cash you need far more quickly!

Focus on better days

Tricky economic circumstances and extended lockdowns may mean that your plans are shelved for the meantime, but that provides you with the opportunity to keep planning a little longer. In turn, this extended planning time could mean you find new and more inventive ways to make these plans come to fruition – and if nothing else, learning how to defer gratification will make you enjoy those better days even more when they do swing around.

Make it fun

There’s nothing wrong with traditional methods of saving, such as bank accounts and bonds. But in these gloomy economic times, there are plenty of ways to help brighten up your saving activities. The Pot of Dreams is the ideal way to both practically save and also add some extra glitz and glamour to the process.

These hand-decorated pieces can provide you with a real focus for your savings goals, but the process of physically breaking open the pot is something to look forward to when you’ve reached your target!