The Pot of Dreams team love nothing more than great home décor (apart from saving, of course!) – and with our portable, handy and unique piggy banks, you’ll be ideally placed to both save for your next big purchase and enjoy their beautiful decorative features at the same time.

Hand-painted with care, each Pot of Dreams is the perfect expression of your individuality and your unique savings goals. We’ve designed a selection of designs to suit every mood, so if you’re wondering how to incorporate your Pot of Dreams into your domestic space, then look no further – here are our top tips for getting it right…

Match to your existing décor

We have a wide variety of stunning designs for you to choose from, ensuring that no matter what your home décor looks like now, you’ll find a Pot of Dreams to match it! This is a great way to ensure that you achieve a cohesive aesthetic throughout the space. Alternatively, you could always opt to make the Pot of Dreams a colourful centrepiece and talking point. If people ask questions, you can always share your hopes and dreams by letting them know what it is you’re saving for!

Choose your favourite colour

You could be saving into your Pot of Dreams for a while, so go for a colour and design which you truly love. If you’re buying for someone else, particularly a child, then ask them about their favourite colours or prints. Your Pot of Dreams should act like a cherished friend until the time comes to break it open and make that dream come true – so you may as well make it memorable.

Place somewhere noticeable

Putting your Pot of Dreams somewhere it really stands out will help you consistently save into it. This consistency is key to making a big difference in your saving plans, and with the right approach, your Pot of Dreams will act as a cheerful motivator to keep saving and dreaming of better days ahead.

Give as a home décor gift

Pot of Dreams’ make fantastic gifts for friends and family, particularly if they’ve just started saving for something or have just celebrated a milestone. This is a great way to nudge them forward in saving for their next big adventure!

To browse our range of stunning, decorative and unique ‘piggy banks’, take a look at the Pot of Dreams range here.