Our new spin on a traditional piggy bank provides a fun, colourful way to save your pennies! However, we know the day will come when you want to access everything you’ve saved. Simply follow these steps to break open your Pot of Dreams and get spending…

Choose your pot of dreams

We know how important it is to embrace your individuality, especially with an item which you’ll be spending a lot of time saving into. That’s why our Pot of Dreams comes in a wide variety of different colours and designs, giving you plenty of options to choose from!

Get saving

Now you have your own Pot of Dreams, it’s time to start saving towards your end goal. This could be something simple, like a luxury purchase. Or it may be something essential, like a replacement of one of your household goods. Whatever you are saving towards, we are sure that Pot of Dreams is your perfect partner.

Simply pop your coins (or notes) into the top of the pot and look forward to the great times ahead. Thanks to their highly decorative nature, you’ll be proud to display your hand-painted Pot of Dreams anywhere in the house while you save.

Break open and enjoy!

When you’ve finally saved up enough to reach your goal, it’s time to break open your Pot of Dreams and start spending. Remember, you can’t access the contents of yours without smashing it open, so be sure that you’re ready before you go ahead. We want you to stay safe, so please do follow these instructions closely to avoid any accidental injury.

  1. Place a towel over the Pot of Dreams. This will help prevent shards escaping when you break it – and ensures you can keep both the cash and your Pot of Dreams all in one place.
  2. Next, locate a small-sized hammer – be very careful with the size of the implement you use, as it should match the petite size of your Pot of Dreams to prevent accidents.
  3. Last but not least, you’re now ready to break open the Pot of Dreams and count the pennies and notes you’ve been stowing away. To do this, simply use the hammer to smash the pot (safely stowed underneath a towel), and you’ll unlock all the cash you’ve been saving.

After opening one Pot of Dreams, it might even be time to invest in another for a new savings goal…