We know how difficult it can be to save, particularly when times are tough. A little can go a long way, which is why we recommend taking a traditional approach to an age-old problem! Piggy banks are as traditional as it gets, and with the Pot of Dreams, you can only access your funds when you’re ready to break open the container.

This will help you save safely and effectively, all while having a decorative new hand-painted ornament to display in your home or workplace. If you’re not sure how to save, here are some of our top tips for getting started, no matter what you’re saving for…

Saving for Travel

There’s nothing quite like a trip away – and though it might feel like your opportunities to travel are far in the distance, before you know it you’ll be boarding a plane and headed off to your trip of a lifetime! To get there, you need some funds. We recommend that for this type of saving, you decide specifically what it is you’re saving for. Perhaps for the flight, or simply for your spending money or accommodation? One goal makes it easier to see an end in sight.

You could also consider investing in a few different Pot of Dreams designs, each for a different area of your travel plans.

Family Saving

Families are a joy, but they’re also an investment! You might want to help your children financially in the future, or simply provide your kids with some spending money. Perhaps you want to teach them how to save? A Pot of Dreams is the perfect way to get kids started.

For younger children, encourage them to put a little of their pocket money away each week. For older kids, encourage them to focus on something they want to buy and save up for it. They’ll love the satisfaction which comes with buying it themselves.

Saving for an Event

Events take plenty of time to plan, so start saving early. While the UK is forced into lockdown, this is the ideal time to put some savings aside for your next big event – whether that’s to buy supplies, hire a venue or even pay for your special outfit for the day itself.

Depending on the scale of your event, you might also want to buy more than one Pot of Dreams so you can really maximise your saving potential!