Holidays overseas may be off the table for now, but there’s no need to miss out on a fun-filled trip. The UK offers an abundance of great places to visit now that lockdown restrictions are starting to ease. It’s time to take a look at staycations, and how you can build your own dream holiday without having to travel too far…

What is a staycation?

Put simply, a staycation is a holiday close to home. The term usually refers to holidays in your home country, which give you the opportunity to get away from it all without jumping on a plane.

A staycation meanwhile is a wonderful way to get away from it all – and has become a growing trend in the holiday world. There are all kinds of different staycations to choose from, catering to every possible taste.

Why choose a staycation?

Staycations ensure you can still get all the benefits of a relaxing break, but don’t have to worry about all the considerations which travellers currently need to think of due to Covid restrictions. Overseas holidays look set to be increasingly difficult (and expensive) thanks to things like quarantines and Covid testing.

Great for families

Staycations are a wonderful option for easy family holidays, particularly if the thought of navigating travel restrictions with kids seems a little daunting! The UK offers plenty of year-round locations where your family will be kept happy. We suggest seaside resorts and coastal towns for a great mixture of daytime fun on the beach, and evening entertainment. Some of our favourite destinations include Cornwall and Bournemouth.

Fantastic for solo travellers

Want to get away from it all? Then a solo staycation could be just right. The UK also works as a fantastic holiday destination for solo travellers. You could spend some time exploring cities like Bath or London or opt for a more remote location like the Scottish Highlands to see the sights and maybe take a hike or two.

Romantic breaks made easy

Couples can also get all the benefits of a trip away, with none of the hassle. Whether you’re a city dweller looking to escape to the country, or simply want to celebrate an anniversary in style, the UK has the destination for you! A trip to the Isle of Wight will provide plenty of adventure, with historic buildings, sandy beaches and artisan shops and restaurants all within easy reach.

Saving for your staycation

Feeling daunted about saving for your holiday? Then a Pot of Dreams can help! Choose from lots of unique designs for a fun way to put some money aside and dream of your next break.