Planning your dream wedding? Congratulations! The Covid-19 pandemic has made organising a wedding much more difficult, but with restrictions already starting to ease, more and more people are finally able to get back on track.

A Pot of Dreams can be your perfect partner in helping you a day to remember – so here’s our quick and handy guide to wedding planning on a budget!

Start small

While saving for your wedding might feel daunting at first, start small. Weddings don’t need to be expensive affairs, but even if you have lavish plans in mind, you have to start somewhere.

Set a budget to save each week, and be sure to stick to it. Even if your savings using Pot of Dreams can’t cover your whole wedding budget, they could cover specific key areas such as paying for flowers or buying bridesmaids dresses.

Know your goal

Knowing what you’re saving for will help to keep you on track. You could try using different Pot of Dreams’ for different savings goals, and adding a little to each every time you save. Jot down the reasons you’re saving somewhere and keep the note safe – try pinning it to a wall or notice board to motivate you when you’re feeling down.

Choose your favourite design

Saving doesn’t need to be boring, and neither does your money bank! At Pot of Dreams, we have a wide variety of different designs to suit every possible taste. Whether you like your designs colourful, or you’d rather a more minimalist aesthetic, you’ll soon find what you’re looking for.

Keep your Pot of Dreams on display

Keeping your Pot of Dreams somewhere you can see it will also help you save. This is a great way to self-motivate and also let other people know about your savings goals. Pot of Dreams’ are decorative enough to work fantastically with all kinds of décor. Think of areas such as your living room, kitchen or bedroom as places you’ll often see your money bank and be reminded of the need to save!

Dream big

We know how important your wedding day is, so don’t be afraid to dream big. With some careful budgeting, you’ll be amazed how far your savings can go by the time the day rolls around! Discuss your plans with your partner and work out how to make them a reality for the true wedding of your dreams.